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Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2008

gay for pay

a new episode of dr. house features the first real physical evidence of thirteen's (olivia wilde) bisexuality. well, she slept with and then had to treat a female one-night-stand. the woman (that lucky one!) was played by angela gots, who you might remember from the l word as cammie, the "gay for pay" girl who portrayed shane in lez girls.

wilde: "i'm having fun, cramming as much life into my life as i can"
gots: "you're doing drugs, staying up all night and having sex with strangers"
wilde: "sounds fun to me..."


y hat gesagt…

oh la la!

sebinomics hat gesagt…

the scene is outstanding!!!

Mia hat gesagt…

Erst ER, dann GA und auch Scrubs hat´s nicht ausgelassen. Braucht jede Arztserie eine Szene?? Sonst machen sie wahrscheinlich die Quoten nicht