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Freitag, 17. Oktober 2008

cara mia

hello there! mia kirshner, better known as crazy jenny from the l word, has finally released her book "i live here". her real-life buddies from our beloved tv-series showed up as well. kate moenning was looking very shane today and makes us pray, that on-screen-soulmates jenny and shane will finally hook up in season 6. leisha seems live just as much of fun like her l word part alice. have we mentioned that xena , the warrior princess will be on the show in the final season? gosh it's gonna be so much fun!


van hat gesagt…

Hihi... haben Xena und Gabrielle endlich heißen lesbischen Sex? ^^
Dass sie mitspielt hab ich gar nicht gewusst. Mir wär Carmen aber lieber ;)

Mia hat gesagt…

Jenny und Shane???? Nein nein nein. Das ist Inzest!